A new sports betting platform that protects users from spending outside their budgets has been launched in Kenya.

mCHEZA allows users to place bets on football matches across 277 leagues worldwide, and if they wish to set personal gambling limits.

To register, all that one needs to do is SMS the word “Cheza” to 29888, after which a wallet (a betting account will be opened for them).

To deposit money into the wallet, you need to send the money you plan to spend via Mpesa Paybill business number 295525. For the account name, use the phone number you registered with.


There are three options to select from when betting based on a win, draw or loss. The example below illustrates betting options, and is based on a simple bet on who shall win a match:

1 – Home Team wins

X – Draw result

2 – Away Team wins.

To bet on your team, visit the mCHEZA website www.mCHEZA.co.ke and identify the game you wish to bet on, enter the GAME ID# 1=Home win # Bet amount and send the text to 29888. For example, 4366#1#100.

The minimum amount you can place a bet with is KSh100 and the maximum limit is KSh20,000 per bet. Players (individuals or groups) who are suspected to have placed identical or similar bets  in order to circumvent the KSh20,000 bet limit, risk having their accounts suspended or permanently closed.

mCHEZA allows 14 different options for you to bet and the odds are clearly displayed next to the various markets.  Maximum winnings per bet and / or per bet type and/or per sports type or per event or league are set at KSh1.5m.


A bet can be cancelled up to 10 minutes after the acceptance of the bet and before the kick off of the matches that a player has placed wagers on. To cancel a bet, SMS CANCEL to 29888 the word “cancel” followed by “#” and the BET id received in the bet confirmation message. e.g. cancel#9002711 You will receive a cancellation message.


If you have won, check your gaming wallet to confirm your balance. To withdraw, send an SMS with the words cashout#amount to 29888. There is no set maximum withdrawal amount per day but withdrawal requests may not exceed your particular mobile operator limits. Amounts greater than KSh100,000/= may require additional arrangements.