How to Register & Bet on EaziBet Kenya –



  • a) How do I register?

  • i) Click on “REGISTER” on the top right hand side of the page or click here to sign up with us. Fill out all the required fields and wait a minute for a confirmation email with further instructions.
  • ii) Please use your M-Pesa mobile number to register with in format 07XXXXXXXX
  • iii) Or, send funds to Eazibet paybill 290029, when received, Eazibet will automatically register you, send you your account pin and credit the funds into your account
  • b) Who can register?

  • i) Anyone can register and play with Eazibet so long as they are over 18 years of age.
  • c) Does it cost anything to register an account?

  • i) No.
  • d) Can I have more than one account?

  • i) No. We only allow one account per person.
  • e) Can I place bets through my wife’s / friend’s / brother’s account?

  • i) Please register your own account if you’re the one who will be betting. Otherwise, there will be issues when it comes to withdrawals.
  • f) Do you have a betting shop I can visit?

  • i) Yes. To find out where our betting shops are click here.



  • a) What’s the minimum deposit?

  • i) KSh 1
  • b) How do I deposit?

  • i) Send money through your M-Pesa account to 290029 (carrier fees may apply)
  • ii) Visit one of our shops and buy an Eazibet voucher.

eazibet paybill number

  • c) How long does a deposit take?

  • i) M-Pesa transfers should be instant but please give it a few minutes as there are
  • ii) If using a voucher bought from an Eazibet store, the top-up will be instant.
  • d) My top-up does not reflect in my online balance?

  • i) If you are logged into your Eazibet account when the deposit , simply click the ‘refresh’ sometimes short delays with the M-Pesa system symbol next to the balance and it will update instantly. The refresh button looks like arrows in a circle.


  • a) How do I place a bet?

  • i) Log into your Eazibet account.
  • ii) Go to the event you want to bet on.
  • iii) Select a market (if there’s more than 1 for that specific event) and click on the odds.
  • iv) Enter your stake.
  • v) If you’re happy with your selection then submit your betting slip.
  • b) Can I cancel a bet:

  • i) No, once you confirm your bet through the web or mobi site it is finalised
  • c) What is the minimum and maximum I can bet?

  • i) Eazibet minimum bet is Ksh20
  • ii) Eazibet maximum bet stake is Ksh 20,000
  • iii) Eazibet maximum payout is Ksh 2,000,000 per customer per day
  • iv) The limits may vary according to match, market or selection depending on the risk profile of the event
  • d) How do I know I have won?

  • i) As soon as the match or matches involved in your bet have finished, if you have won, your account will be credited with your winnings. You can see all bets placed in the ‘Account Statement’ section of the website which can be found here
  • e) Where can I check match results?

  • i) Eazibet keep a history of results in the website for customers to view this is in the ‘Match Info’ Section under ‘Results’ or you can click here
  • f) Do you offer a jackpot bet?

  • i) Currently Eazibet do not offer a jackpot but will be adding one soon
  • g) Can I bet by SMS?

  • i) When we launch our jackpot all Eazibet customers will be able to beet on this by SMS so long as they have enough funds in their Eazibet account when they send the SMS
  • h) Do you offer telephone betting?

  • i) Not currently
  • i) What is ‘Virtual’?

  • i) Eazibet offers a full range of betting on what we call ‘virtual’ events. Virtual events are randomly generated and what customers bet on has no affect on the result. It is a great way to and get quick results on bets
  • j) What is an In-Play or Live Bet?

  • i) This is a bet that can be placed once a match is being played. The prices will change according to the way the game is going.
  • k) I’m trying to take a live bet but the market says suspended?

  • i) The market may become suspended temporarily when the match reaches moments of increased volatility For example: In soccer when a team has been awarded a penalty in the box the market will be suspended pending a goal or no goal. In cricket when the umpire goes upstairs to the 3rd umpire and we are awaiting a decision betting will be suspended until a decision is made.
  • l) What’s a multiple bet?

  • i) You can combine a number of selections from different markets into one bet. eg. Manchester United to be the first team to score in their game + Arsenal to draw their game + Correct Score for Chelsea to finish their game with the score 2:1. If all these selections turn out to be correct then you win the multiple. If even 1 selection is incorrect you lose the entire bet.
  • m) What are singles, doubles and trebles?

  • i) Single Bet is one bet on a specific event outcome. eg. If you bet on Manchester United to win the EPL and they win, you win the bet.
  • ii) Double Bet is two selections in different events where both must win. eg. If you bet on Chelsea FC and Arsenal FC to both win their matches and they both win you win the double bet.
  • iii) Treble Bet is the same as a double bet, where all three events must win for you to win the treble bet. eg. If you bet on Manchester United, Chelsea FC and Arsenal FC to all win their matches and any of them draw or lose you lose the entire treble bet.
  • n) How do I place a multiple bet?

  • i) It’s just like placing a regular bet. Add all your desired selections to the betslip and then enter your stake amount, then click “Continue”.
  • o) How and when do bets get settled?

  • i) Bets normally get settled automatically right after a match has come to an end. In rare occasions when there are issues with the system, the traders will settle the bets manually.
  • p) Can I place live bets on any sport or event?

  • i) Eazibet offer live betting on almost all sports. Check here for current and upcoming events.
  • q) Can I cancel a bet once the match is live?

  • i) No.
  • r) Can the support service place bets for me?

  • i) No.
  • s) What is a stake?

  • i) A stake is the monetary value of your bet. If you for example bet KSh 50 on the outcome of a match then your stake is KSh 50.
  • t) What is a Betting Slip?

  • i) A betting slip is pretty much the receipt for your bet. That’s where your placed bet/bets will reflect before submitting the slip
  • u) How do I add more bets to my betting slip?

  • i) Once you place a bet it automatically gets added to your betting slip. Once you’ve submitted a betting slip though you can’t add any more bets to it.
  • v) What happens if I want to dispute a settled bet?

  • i) Please contact if you feel that a bet has been settled incorrectly. If support cannot resolve your query, then the dispute will be handed over to the relevant independent third-party bodies.
  • w) What are markets?

  • i) Markets are different outcomes of events/matches/ tournaments that you can place bets on. For example, Win-Draw- Win is a market on which you have to choose an outcome. Either the home team wins – there’s a draw – or the visiting team wins.
  • x) What happens to my bets if the game is postponed?

  • i) Please refer to the specific sports betting rules for postponements and abandonment rules for the affected sport.


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